Instructors & Training

S MI has a selection of experienced instructors you may contact for help and advice on your diving needs, covering all levels as well as PRISM Topaz CCR. Please select an Instructor from the list below who may help you with your education
All maintenance classes, appropriate for user through to expedition level, are run through SMI’s HQ in Lebanon, TN on an annual basis as required. Please contact us for details.


Basic Instructors



Yves Beaudry Canada
Jeff Bozanic CA
John Duggan TX
William Gambrill NY
Grant Graves CA
Danny Huton Canada,
Dale Mcknight Canada
Luke Nelson Western Australia
Wings Stocks CA
Terrence Tysall TX
Matt Elder CA

Trimix Instructors 

Ray Hunley TX
Gerard Newman HI
Lonnie Sharp CA
Heather Knowles MA
David Caldwell MA

Instructor Trainers 

Matthew Addison TX
Peter Readey TN
Ron Scorese NJ
Tim O’Leary TX

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