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December 12, 2013 •

SMI’s talents are best described as a “prototype house”. With in-house production capabilities optimized for low volume production volumes (up to approx 2000 parts per annum), we have both machining and molding facilities allowing us to help our clients maximize their investment in and get the best out of their designs. Our machine shop operates CNC mills and lathes, generating CAM programs from the solid model CAD drawings.  This allows us to make low volume production runs to help speed the time to market for clients products.


Frequently the machine shop is employed to create a “Master” part for the client (typically slightly over-sized to allow for shrinkage) and then this part is passed to the Mold shop where is is used to create molded parts, in a multitude of materials to verify the best material for the application. Having this ability in-house allows SMI to offer the client one-stop shopping and the advantages of continuity in staff following a project from concept to completion, eliminating the problems typically encountered when a product is transferred from one company to another through it’s typical design to product life cycle.


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