Engineering Solutions You Need for Your Product

“Engineering, when done well, is revealed by elegance of design”

SMI provides a full range of design and production support services; everything you need to take your idea from concept to completion and all the little things in-between…

Computer Aided Design CAD

SMI uses various cutting-edge computer software to create, test, and dissect the many individual components of a project

Computer Aided Machining CAM

SMI has fully-computerized milling machines to make sure parts are created to the most precise specifications

Finite Element Analysis FEA

Efficiently optimize and validate each design step using fast-solving, CAD-integrated virtual simulation to ensure quality, performance, and safety

Advanced Custom Parts

SMI has an array of C.N.C. Computer Numerical Controlled machines, vertical milling centers, and lathes, which allows us to create custom parts in a variety of sizes

Low-Volume Production Molding/Casting

SMI provides molding/casting for final testing prototypes

Stereolithography, 3D Printing, and Photogrammetry

3D printing helps for one-off mold master parts and proof of concept parts by bypassing expensive prototype part production

Anodizing and Plating for Specialized Applications

Some applications require specialized coatings; SMI can plate using an array of metals specialized for their non-corrosive properties

Photorealistic Renderings and Animations

SMI is experienced in creating photorealistic renders and animated operation videos for use in advertising, websites, and training materials

Technical and Manual Writing

SMI has created many detailed manuals and Operating Standard Manuals